Much of the information found in the earlier RepRap blogs is still very relevant today and makes for invaluable reading for anyone interested in developing parts and printers or interested in how the project has reached the state it currently is in.

The following books are collections of these posts repackaged into formats suitable for e-book readers and offline browsing.

The books are also mirrored on the RepRap Wiki.


HydraRaptor – The story so far

Taken from Nophead's

HydraRaptor – The story so far.pdf (30MB)

HydraRaptor – The story so far.epub (zip) (27MB)


A History of RepRap Development

Posts from the core developers blog

A History of RepRap Development.pdf  (40MB)

A History of RepRap Development.epub (zip)  (37MB)


Diary of a Technocratic Anarchist

Taken from the blogs of Forrest Higgs: and

Diary of a Technocratic Anarchist.pdf  (26MB)

Diary of a Technocratic Anarchist.epub (zip)  (25MB)