RTM Smart Add accessible through RTM Ubiquity

Smart Add

RTM today announced a new feature called Smart Add.

This allows you to specify the following all on one line:

  • list
  • due date
  • tags
  • location
  • priority
  • url
  • repeatability
  • time estimate

This functionality is also available through the API, and RTM Ubiquity will happily process Smart Adds.

For example, the following entry would create a task called “do something” in the Inbox for today, with priority 3, a tag, url and location:

add task do something today !3 #Inbox #tag1 @home http://google.com

The RTM blog post gives full details.

RTM Ubiquity Improvements

This feature from the RTM team is ideally suited for the Ubiquity interface, and it means it is easier to add more task details.

The existing code already handles Smart Add, but I plan on taking some time out from developing the main branch to add some additional features to complement Smart Add, such as hints on which symbols correspond to which attribute, and trying to mirror the autocomplete functionality that is available on the RTM site directly.