Version 0.4 of RTM Ubiquity released


This release consists of several fixes, plus a pre-emptive modification for the upcoming 0.5 release of Ubiquity.


  • Issue #3 : Can’t Complete Tasks with “Every …” Repetitions
  • Issue #4 : remove scrollbar from view tasks
  • Issue #9 : Tasks not added when default list is a smart list
  • Issue #11 : Upcoming Ubiquity 0.5 release will break all RTM commands
  • I have also refactored some of the code which I belive makes it more robust, and less prone to errors when initially loading tasks and task lists.


The upcoming release]( of Ubiquity makes some pretty major changes and consequently it breaks compatibility with previous commands. You can read more [here) In order to handle this break without having to manage multiple releases of the commands (hey, it’s supposed to be easy to author commands right? I have modified the commands to recognise if the new parser is in effect, and if so to use the new commands, otherwise to use the older version.

For the most part the commands should remain the same, however there is one change in the new parser which directly affects the user: the name of some of the parameters will change with parser 2. For example, “rtm-view-tasks in list” is now “rtm-view-tasks from list”. This is pretty confusing, and frustrating, and I have raised the problem in the ubiquity group, but there seems nothing that can be done about at the moment. And so all I can recommend is to take care with entering commands after the upgrade.

Of course you can decide not to upgrade to the new version of Ubiquity, or upgrade and then turn off the new parser (under ‘settings’ at ), until everything is running smoothly. I have made previous versions of the RTM Ubiquity command available under the ‘releases’]( section of the documentation. The last (pre 0.5) version is available [here.

Just to make matters worse I will be on holiday until August (and will be nowhere near a computer), but as the Ubiquity release is imminent, and will definitely break the commands, I wanted to get this out beforehand. I suggest any issues are either tracked via the github page, or via email.